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WenQuan Liu
Born in Chongqing, China in 1956, Mr. Wenquan Liu devoted himself to mastering oil painting since childhood. He is now recognized as a top-notch classical painter. His natural artistic sense is coupled with an extraordinary ability to perceive the subject’s condition firsthand. Taking in his works one can understand the painter’s deep love for the magnificent legacy of western art combined with his native sense of eastern culture. In short, Mr. Liu is a born oil painter.
In the fall of 1995 his works were auctioned in Hong Kong, and in 1997 he conducted an exhibition there. In 1998, he visited Europe with the Chinese Young Painters’ Organization to study the western masterpieces up close. In both 2004 and 2005 he conducted exhibitions in Beijing’s Cloud Mountain Gallery, after which the Beijing Weekly English edition devoted a whole page to his works. Also in 2004, the 3rd issue of Gallery, a Chinese art magazine, published many of his works.
Mr. Liu’s artwork has been sought after by galleries, collectors and investors worldwide.       

In 2008, "Art Market" magazine has published his work consecutively from the No.7 to No. 11 issues. His work has also gained wide traction and high remarks at the ArtExpo in New York City in March 2009.

In April 2009, his work "Relax" has won the "Award of Exceptional Merit" in the Portrait Competition at the Art of the Portrait Conference organized by the Portrait Society of America

A touch of the past
Entitled "Hard to part with the past,"Liu Wen-quan's oil painting exhibition will be shown at the Wan Fung Art Gallery
With the theme set widely on landscapes,still lifes and figures,Liu's works present various to viewers.For the artist,however, depiction of the past is his favourite.
Born and raised in the countryside,Liu cherishes a deep love towards old houses and vast land.With those old memories in mind,he tries to find inspira-tion from classic Chinese literature.The figures and settings depicted in the books are always the con-cepts of his paintings.
Under the old Beijing pailous (a former ceremonial gate),people in ancient costumes ramble along the street;barbers do business under the sun;old people enjoy their leisure time playing Chinese chess;even portrait of Empress Cixi transmits a sense of mild-ness.
The exhibition will display some 30 works chosen from his recent creations.With realistic painting techniques combined with an element of abstract ap-proach,the works convey a harmonious and natural atmosphere.

Born in Sichuan Province and residing in Beijing,Liu is a professional painter.For him,painting is a kind of life style offering him enjoymert and satisfac-tion.

Liu will be at the gallery at 3pm on April 16.


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